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    The Story So Far...

    Humanity colonized the galaxy. Humanity fought a war that lasted a Millennium. Humanity propsered in the Millennium of Peace that followed. And then, the Human Galactic Commonwealth collapsed. Thousands of worlds were desolated, and those that weren't were isolated. Each world grew its own civilization, its own culture.

    Far out in the Pegasus Sector of the Perseus Quadrant, the colonies of Sapphire and Republic have recovered starflight technology. In the Sapphirean Year 7292 / Republic Year 6945 [Solar Year 7024], these two colonies combined resources and launched the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus --- the third ship in the Pathfinder series --- on a mission to rediscover and reconnect the lost colonies of humanity.

    Pegasus's crew is half Sapphirean and half Republicker. The Sapphireans are freedom-loving individualists, while Republickers are conformist, collectivist, and authoritarians. It's like a mismatched roommate sitcom, in space.  

    They are led by Prime Commander William Keeler of Sapphire, a drunk. His first officer Goneril Lear of Republic schemes constantly, if ineptly, to remove him from command. His Tactical Officer, Phil Redfire, was a pyrotechnic artist on Sapphire, who likes blowing things up in creative and interesting ways. Elsewhere ine crew are a smokin' hot pilot, a Navigator who can see the future, a talking cat, a ghost, and a teenage know-it-all for the reader to focus his hate on.

    The story of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus is told over twelve books, as they call on worlds left to themselves for almost 2000 years.








    Previous iterations of this site included background information on ships, worlds, characters, and such-like. The volume of such background information has grown the point of needing a wiki, So, here it is.

    I try to add a few entries whenever I have the chance. Feel free to add entries of your own. There's a lot of information in the wiki that isn't revealed in the books, but comes out of the background notes I've made. Character histories are fleshed out in more detail. The various worlds explored in the books are described with additional detail.  I am working on addiing detailed descriptions of cities, places, and technologies.

    I am shooting to have 500 pages by the end of 2014 and eventually have more pages than the Little House on the Prairie Wiki. (It's a personal thing.)

    Writing Blog

    Also, there's a writing blog that I have been horrible about not updating, but tend to update frequently at the start and end of the writing process, but in all honesty, I've been kind of neglecting it; poor little feller.


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